Your Safety is Our First Priority.

When raising a family or running a business, financial problems can be stressful. Fear of the unknown, or ‘what ifs’ can also be stressful. When working with Ten Point, you will be able to sleep at night knowing that if any of the ‘what ifs’ were to happen, your family and business will be financially stable. Check out the different areas we will discuss when, together, we develop your insurance plan.

Mortgage Insurance

Protecting An
Important Asset

Aside from your ability to earn income, your home is likely the biggest asset you need to protect. We offer a wide variety of options to ensure that should something happen to you, your home will be left debt-free to your loved ones. Unlike insurance you get from a lending institution, we provide many perks! We can incorporate consumer debt (credit cards, lines of credit, vehicle loans ,etc.), transfer from one home to another if you move, and once issued, it can’t be canceled, allow conversion to a permanent plan, future income for the surviving spouse, set aside funds for your children’s education, and most importantly, securley guarantee rates for the life of the contract.

Funeral Planning & Final Expenses

Support Through
Every Stage of Life

We don’t know how long we are going to live. But what we can do is plan for the expenses that will undoubtedly come after we die. Funerals and taxes are the biggest expenses connected to death. As part of your insurance plan, we can project those expenses and put the appropriate amount of insurance in place to accommodate them, so your family doesn’t have to.


Critical Illness Insurance

Your Health Is
Important To Us

Critical illnesses, unfortunately, are becoming more common every year and seem to be hitting younger and younger people. We have solutions that will help you while you are alive if you contract a major illness like cancer, heart attack or suffer from a stroke or several other life-impacting illnesses. Be sure to ask about critical illness coverage during your consultation.

Group Insurance – Benefits

Improving Your
Workplace Together

Retaining good employees is a constant challenge for any business owner. Having a competitive benefits package has been proven to increase employee retention. Whether you have just one employee or many working in different capacities, we have a team that will craft the best solution for your workplace.

Group Insurance – Pensions

Financial Security For
The Whole Team

Once a good benefits package is in place, the next area of benefits employees look for is a group pension/group RRSP. Talk to us about how easy this is to set up and how it can be a very inexpensive, yet extremely valuable, tool when recruiting and retaining your valued employees.