You may find the answer here. And if you don't, just ask us.

When will I receive my resume?

The product turn-around times are listed with each product in the online store. We often finish sooner than the listed turn-around time, so don't be surprised if you find a proof in your inbox!

Need it right away? We offer rush services for each format, which you can order here.

How will I receive my resume?

All resumes are emailed as soon as they are finished. Your resume creator will send you a proof to read over and approve, then email you a finished PDF file which will be print-ready. We also offer different file formats - check them out here.

What about my personal information?

We value your privacy - your resume will never be shared with anyone, and we will never contact your current or prospective employer. You're safe with us. Guaranteed.

Other sites offer a Guarantee

Unfortunately, sites which offer any kind of guarantee are misleading. If you read the fine print, you will likely see that they are offering to re-do your resume when you DO NOT get an interview, and only IF you meet their requirements. Most only offer this service once every three years, and you must be actively applying for jobs for three months before becoming eligible.

We offer the guarantee that our work far exceeds resumes from other companies which slap together ugly, ill-written templates, and charge you hundreds of dollars.

I need some changes made. Do you charge for revisions?

We offer revisions on any of our current or previous work. We can deal with small revisions, time allowing, like changing a date, but larger revisions are charged by the 1/2 hour, and are based on the client's particular needs. We will always let you know up front if there will be a fee. Email us if you need changes.

Will I be able to edit my PDF file?

We offer a PDF because it is the most versatile format out there, and almost all companies/printers can work with it. Most companies charge a minimum of $100 for this service. In most cases, you will not be able to edit your PDF, however, we do offer a Microsoft Word (.docx) format if you wish to edit your resume yourself (if you haven't ordered your resume yet, you can simply order the EDITABLE version).

Will I own the rights to my resume?

We worked extremely hard in order to create the perfect resume design. The result is an outstanding layout mixed with artistic flair and killer text - unlike anything else out there! Therefore, Ten Point retains all copyrights to each and every resume design, and they are not to be copied or distributed in any way without the sole written permission of Ten Point Graphic & Resume Design. If you have ordered an EDITABLE version of your resume, you have been granted a licence to adjust the text in YOUR resume and not to reproduce/ copy/ or use it for anyone else.