"Design is intelligence made visible"

Art is how it feels. Design is how it works.

Eat. Design. Sleep. Repeat.

Your Business Needs Design.


Increase Traffic

More people = more sales. If your website isn't clean, responsive and expertly designed, you could be losing without even knowing it.


The Right Designer

Not just any designer will do. Ours trained at the prestigious Ontario College of Art & Design and has 15+ years of industry experience.


What They See

Your customers need to know it's you. We are Branding experts - everything will look amazing as we create your brand.

Design will make or break your business.

Good design will attract customers. Bad design will distract them.


Layout is a beautiful thing.

From magazines to brochures, we have you covered.

A well-designed layout will guide your audience through your print and web work. We'll subconsciously tell them where to look, and when.

Logo design.

Your logo is your identity.

We know what it takes to create a modern, yet timeless logo. Using Pantone colours and design expertise, our logos are clean, simple and just as they should be.



Logo redesign.

Have an existing logo that needs updating?

No problem, one of our favourite pastimes is logo redesign. Taking the old, and making it new again.

It doesn't always mean a full changeover - we like to let your business grow. Just like fashion and interior design, graphic design is always changing; it ebbs and flows through styles, and we know what's in.

Photoshop is fun.

If you need beautiful images, we're here for you.

We can image correct photos, add type, fix folds/tears, manipulate images and more.



You. Must. Brand.

Branding makes you...you.

Your logo, business cards, letterhead, promo material and signs must match. Everything needs to be recognizable to your customer, so they have no doubt that it's you. We are branding experts.

Words warm our hearts.

We know type; our designer succeeded in specialized courses in typeface design.

With this, we also specialize in copywriting. Not only will we create designs for your business, we can take care of the text too.



Ok. Now for the important part.


Your business's website is the most vital piece of marketing material. It needs to be clean, organized, easy to navigate and of course stunning.

We take care of everything for you - we host your site, set up your domain and design/build your site.

Any industry.

We believe that every industry deserves attractive design.

We have experience in the construction, health, spa, retail, service, food industries and more.



Design is the structure behind art.

We love design, and we love to design. We can make your small business look like a large, corporate company. And we don't brand any of our work - that means your website won't say it was designed by us. Because...it's all about you.

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